The Pro Flight is the top tier in the USA Ultimate Club ranking system. The top 8 finishing teams at the prior year’s National Championships are placed in the Pro Flight tier.

Flights Edit

The current Pro Flights based on 2016's National Championship are:

Men's Pro Flight Edit

2017 Men's Pro Flight
Place Team City
1st Ironside Boston, MA
2nd Revolver San Francisco, CA
3rd Johnny Bravo Denver, CO
4th Ring of Fire Raleigh, NC
5th Truck Stop Washington, DC
6th Sockeye Seattle, WA
7th High Five Ann Arbor, MI
8th Patrol Philadelphia, PA

Women's Pro Flight Edit

2017 Women's Pro Flight
Place Team City
1st Brute Squad Boston, MA
2nd Riot Seattle, WA
3rd Molly Brown Denver, CO
4th Fury San Francisco, CA
5th Scandal Washington, DC
6th Traffic Vancouver, BC
7th Heist Madison, WI
8th Ozone Atlanta, GA

Mixed Pro Flight Edit

2017 Mixed Pro Flight
Place Team City
1st Slow White Boston, MA
2nd Metro North Mianus, CT
3rd Drag'n Thrust Minneapolis, MN
4th Mischief San Francisco, CA
5th Steamboat Cincinnati, OH
6th AMP Philadelphia, PA
7th Mixtape Seattle, WA
8th Blackbird San Francisco, CA